Zion Launchpad NFTs

For Artists and Platform Growth

What is the Zion Launchpad

The Zion Launchpad is a reggae artist music profile hub, selected artists can upload their music to their own launchpad playlist for the community to listen. Each artist has exclusive NFTs for sale on Zion Labs for the artist which can be further more staked for MRASTA both profiting for the artists future careers as well as fans and community supporters of the launchpad artists.

Launchpad NFTs

The Zion Launchpad is an NFT based utility minting / launchpad for artists.
Artists that come to the launchpad are able to earn revenue from NFT sales which the user can further more stake on the artist profile.

The NFT Sale Tokenomics are:

  • 25% to Artist
  • 25% to Creator
  • 35% to Rare NFT Pool
  • 5% to Genesis Prize Pool
  • 10% to Future Pool (Stored)

Benefits for MRASTA NFT Holders

All Zion Launchpad NFT holders will have governance vote over interaction of the Genesis Pool and all community voting power.

The Launchpad NFT staking Tokenomics are:

  • Harvest is locked for 30 days (for both artists and users)
  • User receives 65% of Harvest (2 years)
  • Artist receives 25% of Harvest (90 days)
  • 10% of all Harvest rewards are put into liquidity for MRASTA/RASTA LP
Together in harmony Mr Rasta and Miss Rasta live a peaceful life on Zion Island