Zion Launchpad NFTs

For Artists and Platform Growth

What is the Zion Launchpad

At the Zion Launchpad, reggae and dancehall music artists have access to an exclusive profile hub where they can upload their music to their personal launchpad playlist.
The community can then listen to and support these artists. Each profile also features exclusive NFTs that can be purchased on Zion Labs by both the community and artists. Fans and community supporters can also stake MRASTA to benefit the artists' future careers.
Please note that, as of now, Music Artists NFTs will remain within the Zion Labs eco-system. This decision will be subject to further review and will depend on factors such as the artist's preferences, the artist manager's preferences, and the label's preferences

Launchpad NFTs

The Zion Launchpad is a revolutionary NFT-based utility minting and launchpad platform designed exclusively for artists.
Artists who join the launchpad have the opportunity to earn revenue from their NFT sales, which users can then stake on the Zion Labs platform.
With our groundbreaking platform, we aim to empower artists and provide them with the resources they need to succeed in the ever-changing music industry

The NFT Sale Tokenomics are:

10k Supply @ value of $5 USD in MRasta Token per NFT
2.5k Supply airdropped for promotional purposes.
  • 30% to Artist Management / Artist
  • 20% to Music Artist Marketing and promotion
  • 25% to Zion Lions T4 NFT Pool
  • 25% to Zion Labs

The Launchpad NFT Staking Tokenomics are:

  • Harvest is locked for 60 days
  • Users receives 70% of Harvest (2 years)
  • 20% for Marketing
  • 10% of all Harvest rewards are put into liquidity for MRASTA/RASTA LP
Together in harmony Mr Rasta and Miss Rasta live a peaceful life on Zion Island