We believe that decentralized finance can allow for a community driven approach to building an ecosystem. We want to take the power out of the hands of the few, and put it in the hands of the many.
Harnessing the Power of the Community: A Decentralized, Democratic and Community Driven Approach to Yield Farming.
Zion Labs is a community driven platform for smart contract-based Defi protocols. The community provides its users with the RASTA tokens, uniquely issued for the community and traded according to its decision-making, open and democratic discussion and Blockchain powered voting platform.
Our aim as the founding team is to provide an eco-system for sustaining the value of our $RASTA and $MRASTA tokens for-and by the community. Therefore we seek to utilize several unique, advanced and innovative mechanisms on the Blockchain that harnesses the experience and the knowledge of our community. This will enable us through means of crowd-wisdom, open discussion and voting by our community members, the ability to prioritize the development of our solutions and introduce better DAPPs to our community and users. For example, we may believe that Function X is a priority, whereas the community would agree that Function Y is more important, therefore the solutions that cate to the community will preferred and Function Y will be implemented prior to Function X.
Zion Labs is based on developing long-term trust and understanding of the value of our philosophy and token among the members of our community and the adopters of our platform. In order to assure the delivery of a sustainable, highly qualitative solution with the best fit to our users, we base it on the following three pillars that are integral to our platform:
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Please read ahead to find out more about these unique mechanism.