Rare NFT Pool

For the true loyal Rasta supporters.

What is the Rare NFT Pool

The Rare NFT Pool accumulates 35% MRASTA from all Zion Launchpad artists NFT sales. Each month the pool will be topped up from the sales. It it is up to the community to keep sales going to keep the pool topped up.

The following NFTs can be used to gain massive rewards from the Rare NFT Pool

  • Rasta Rarity ( Zion Lions T4)
  • Rasta Rarity (STA Zion NFT)
  • Rasta Rarity (Dividend Air NFT)

What are STA NFTs

As part of the Stronger Together Alliance, there will be 54 STA NFTs in circulation. Half of all STA NFTs can be minted with the Zion Lions, the other 27 will be given to each alliance to help promote the Zion Labs Launchpad.
How does the STA NFT work with projects in the STA alliance
For every NFT bought, the buyer will be able to select the alliance project that he/she supports at transaction. The top 5 supporting STA NFT Holders will be able to stake their NFT in the Genesis Pool. STA NFT Holder ranks will be calculated on a monthly bases.

What happens to Top 5 STA NFT Performers

They will be white labelled into the Genesis Pool, which has turbo charged rewards.