RASTA Tokenomics

Tax free and always will be
MAX SUPPLY: 6,000,000 RASTA (There will never be any more $RASTA than this amount) INITIAL YIELD: 0.25 RASTA/PER BLOCK YIELD @ 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY (21/03/22): 0.1 RASTA/PER BLOCK
RASTA is the main currency of Zion Labs and is tax free.
10% of all Rasta staking rewards are put into locked liquidity.
35% of all Zion Lab NFT BNB Sales are used to buy back the $RASTA Token and then locked. We call the treasury "Big Fat Rasta" which raises the floor price of the $RASTA Token.
For a sustainable future and longevity of our Zion Labs eco system, we will always be tax free. Our currency grows value from NFT art sales which we believe will play a big role in the future of blockchain adoption.