Zion Labs

Welcome to The Zion Family, a community of artists, creators and fans!

Conceptualized in 2020, Zion Labs is a decentralized community project that helps music artists and creatives gain funding to further their careers via the Zion Launchpad and Zion Lion NFTs. A crowdfunding platform designed to encourage entertainment engagement and investment opportunity for it's community.
Our $Rasta Token is rewarded to holders who stake Zion Lions into different tier NFT pools to earn $Rasta Tokens. The Rasta Token itself continuously has buybacks that come from the Zion Lion NFT sales, we call this the Big Rasta Treasury. The Treasury overtime buys more of the supply increasing the floor price of Rasta Token. To know more about the different tier staking pools please choose one of the following:
T1 Farmers Staking - Up to 10% APR
T2 Explorers Staking - Up to 122% APY
T3 Builders Staking - Up to 120% APR
T4 Professor Staking - Up to 7000% APR

Its not only music. Its not only art. Its a sense of having a place to belong. - Jared Leto