💚 Start developing a working dApp and concept with use case
💚 Complete functional dApp launched with staking (Zion Labs)
💚 3rd party NFT Staking implemented into dApp (Zion Labs)
💚 Release of Zion web3 Launchpad Prototype (Music Industry Investments & Entertainment Platform).
💚 Released first artist and music genre for Zion Launchpad. (Sold out)
💚 Artists signing and content creation ready for Zion Launchpad
💚 Build upon Zion Labs team members and leadership positions (Update docs and dApp information
💚 Update the Whitepaper
🖤 Correlate a seamless identity across all online media
🖤 New dApp UI update
🖤 Randomized NFT minting integration (testing and deploying)
🖤 Start marketing for Zion Lions with release date
🖤 Improve tokenomic structure
🖤 Start marketing for Zion Launchpad music artists NFTs with release date
🖤 Release Zion Lion NFTS
🖤 Release e-Commerce Marketplace for Zion Launchpad. (Already Built)
🖤 Create partnerships with record and publishing labels for Zion Launchpad with artists
🖤 Re-evaluate roadmap