πŸ’š Start developing a working dApp and concept with use case
πŸ’š Complete functional dApp launched with staking (Zion Labs)
πŸ’š 3rd party NFT Staking implemented into dApp (Zion Labs)
πŸ’š Release of Zion web3 Launchpad Prototype (Music Industry Investments & Entertainment Platform).
πŸ’š Released first artist and music genre for Zion Launchpad. (Sold out)
πŸ’š Artists signing and content creation ready for Zion Launchpad
πŸ’š Build upon Zion Labs team members and leadership positions (Update docs and dApp information
πŸ’š Update the Whitepaper
πŸ–€ Correlate a seamless identity across all online media
πŸ–€ New dApp UI update
πŸ–€ Randomized NFT minting integration (testing and deploying)
πŸ–€ Start marketing for Zion Lions with release date
πŸ–€ Improve tokenomic structure
πŸ–€ Start marketing for Zion Launchpad music artists NFTs with release date
πŸ–€ Release Zion Lion NFTS
πŸ–€ Release e-Commerce Marketplace for Zion Launchpad. (Already Built)
πŸ–€ Create partnerships with record and publishing labels for Zion Launchpad with artists
πŸ–€ Re-evaluate roadmap
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